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Mendeley Training Contents - Advance

  1. Create account and profile on mendeley.com
  2. Installing Mendeley Desktop
  3. Installing MS Word plugin
  4. Introduction to Mendeley interface
  5. Types of documents
  6. Importing documents
  7. Add entry manually
  8. Changing document’s version in the ’Files:’ option
  9. Use the function of Rename Document Files 
  10. Correcting documents information
  11. Managing documents in different folders
  12. Citing document
  13. Edit citation and different citation styles
  14. Merge citations
  15. Multiple referencing (Ismail, 2021; Basit, 2020; Mansoor, 2019)
  16. Citing multiple publication of an author within a same year
  17. Citing multiple authors with same end name
  18. Correction in the reference of a cited documents. (‘Refresh’ option in MS Word References)
  19. Inserting bibliography
  20. Change referencing style (APA, Chicago, IEEE, Harvard etc.) 
  21. Designing your own referencing style
  22. Searching options (authors, title, publication name, year, note)
  23. Highlighting text with multiple colors (thematic analysis of the document)
  24. Adding note against a text
  25. Change highlighted text color, delete highlighting, copy highlighted text 
  26. Adding notes against document (summarizing document)
  27. Creating group
  28. Discussion in the group
  29. Share documents in group
  30. Inviting and remove someone from the group
  31. Modifying 'et al' usage
  32. Page rotating option
  33. Edit your profile, group, and explore other Mendeley options and Elsevier features/ products https://www.mendeley.com/settings/account/ 
  34. Mendeley web importer
  35. Mendeley Reference Manager vs Mendeley Desktop
  36. Mendeley Cite for MRM
  37. Search in Mendeley online, for and add articles to your library https://www.mendeley.com/search/