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Quirkos Training Contents - Advance

The training will cover the following content about qualitative data analysis with Quirkos

  1. Introduction to CAQDAS and Quirkos
  2. Main interface of Quirkos
  3. Preparing data
  4. Importing data
  5. Customizing and setting of Quirkos interface
  6. Adding demographics
  7. Organizing data into groups
  8. Coding data using inductive, deductive, and abductive conding techniques
  9. Ways of coding in Quirkos
  10. Code description
  11. Memoing quotations
  12. Editing groups, codes, quotations, and properties
  13. Content analysis in the form of WordCloud and Word Frequency Table
  14. Visualization of the demographics
  15. Frequencies of codes and quotations
  16. Description of codes
  17. Overlapping and correlation of the codes
  18. Code-Quotations table
  19. Quotations styles
  20. Source Summary
  21. Comparision of the groups, properties, themes, and sources
  22. Visualization of the main Canvas
  23. Downloading colored analyzed sources